Dehydration- An enemy of Optimal Physical and Mental Performance

Did you know that reducing water in the body as little as 5% can result in as much as a 20-30% drop in your physical performance. 10% reduction¬†can make you sick. 20% can mean death. 1-2% reduction in the brain can mean problems concentrating and thinking? Continue reading “Dehydration- An enemy of Optimal Physical and Mental Performance”

Low Back Pain with Balance Problems

Did you fall recently? Do you have low back pain? Do you sometimes feel that you are walking on an uneven surface even though the floor is level? Do you sometimes misjudge distance while walking into another room and bump your shoulder on the door jam? Do you get very¬†fatigued or even exhausted much earlier in the day? You might be suffering from a condition known as an….. Continue reading “Low Back Pain with Balance Problems”