Systemic Inflammation and Disease

Chronic or Systemic Inflammation has been linked with numerous conditions like: Heart Disease,  Diabetes, Lung Issues (COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, and Infections), Depression, Cancer and Anger Disorders. The following video will show you how you can have a fighting chance against these enemies of our bodies. Continue reading “Systemic Inflammation and Disease”

Dehydration- An enemy of Optimal Physical and Mental Performance

Did you know that reducing water in the body as little as 5% can result in as much as a 20-30% drop in your physical performance. 10% reduction can make you sick. 20% can mean death. 1-2% reduction in the brain can mean problems concentrating and thinking? Continue reading “Dehydration- An enemy of Optimal Physical and Mental Performance”

The Chemistry of Success

Acidity and alkalinity are at opposite ends of the pH scale. Everything we eat or drink makes our bodies more acidic or more alkaline. Dr. Susan Lark, M.D. in her book The Chemistry of Success states “The ability to maintain acid / alkaline balance has an amazing effect on six of the eight peak-performance traits.” This list will shock you… Continue reading “The Chemistry of Success”