How I Got My Life Back

How I Got My Life Back

I work for Encompass Home Health as a physical therapist. We enter our documentation on our electronic tablet devices. I developed a habit of not finishing the documentation in the home. This meant I had lots of homework to do into the late nights and early mornings. I bordered on burn-out or even worse because I was eating, sleeping and drinking my job and I did not have a life or any time for anything but work. I was so frustrated and tired of it. THEN…

At the January 2017 workshop at the Dallas Home Office I learned about setting Wildly Important Goals (WIGS), from April Anthony the CEO of Encompass Home Health.  So, I set my first WIG to Finish All My Documentation in the home. This was kind of like breaking the 4-minute mile because I had never done it and did not know anyone else that had done it.

I knew I needed more energy and mental clarity to accomplish such a lofty goal so I stayed well hydrated by drinking plenty of non-caffeinated drinks- especially water and took my favorite supplement that kept me alert and sharp. That combination gave me the energy and focus I needed. As a result I got my life back because I no longer have the excessive homework I used to have. I consistently finish my documentation in the home now and I am much happier and more fulfilled.

(The concept of WIGs comes from “The 3 Disciplines of Execution” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling) I have a life outside of work!


I went back to the Encompass Home Office six months later, in June of 2017, for the Certified Preceptor Workshop. I knew the Workshop would be vitally important and I wanted to stay alert for it.

The challenge was, I was in a habit of taking a short “Power nap” at noon to set me up for a busy afternoon of completing my documentation in the home. I knew I would not have the luxury of taking noon power naps at the Preceptor Workshop.

I made sure I stayed hydrated and took my favorite supplement throughout the training. As a result I remained alert and focused throughout the class even while I noticed many others (much younger than me) losing focus and getting tired in the afternoons.

As a result of staying fully engaged throughout the Workshop I learned a lot and was greatly inspired to help others to also have a life outside of work.

Tom LeBlanc, PT
Certified Preceptor
Encompass Home Health and Hospice

Author: Tom LeBlanc, PT Certified Preceptor Tom LeBlanc, PT has enjoyed helping, encouraging and empowering individuals to Optimal Health and Function for over 40 years. As a physical therapist he has worked in Acute Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Geriatrics, in his Private Practice, and in the Home Health Environment where he is currently working at Encompass Home Health and Hospice.

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