If you are FATIGUED this may help.

Truth Health Tip

If you want to learn more about dehydration Dr. Allen gives a very compelling overview. At the following link I share some notes and highlights from her video. And the video is also on that post. See Dehydration is an Enemy of Mental and Physical Performance 


Author: Tom LeBlanc, PT Certified Preceptor

TomLeBlancPT.com Tom LeBlanc, PT has enjoyed helping, encouraging and empowering individuals to Optimal Health and Function for over 40 years. As a physical therapist he has worked in Acute Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Geriatrics, in his Private Practice, and in the Home Health Environment where he is currently working at Encompass Home Health and Hospice. One of his passions is helping people to understand the importance of Good Hydration as a means to Optimal Health.

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