Patient Care Tips

Back pain with Balance Problems: The Upslip

Balance: Shoes versus bare feet

Bed mobility and core strength

Best way to do what you want to do is…

Compression Stockings: An Easy way to put them on

Core Muscles: Three benefits of strengthening them

Core Muscles and Shoulder Muscles Connection

Dehydration– An enemy of Optimal Physical and Mental Performance

Floor Recovery

Friction Reduced Hip Exercises

Kinesio Taping for Edema Reduction

Kinesio Taping for MCL

Middle Trapezius Strain

Muscle Spindle Mechanism and how to reduce pain by resetting it.

Optimizing Upper Strength for walker use

Pelvic Torsion Effect: How our thoughts and emotions can influence our balance

Plank Exercises (Entry level)

Power of Intention

Total Hip Precautions (for various surgical approaches)

“Sticks and stones can break your bones but Words can never hurt you” WRONG!

Strap Assisted Knee Flexion

Transverse Abdominal Muscle: How it can reduce movement-induced back pain

Vertigo (BPPV) The Epley Maneuver

Visual Field Effect in Stroke patients and an easy way to test for it.

Walking Speed: The 6th Vital Sign ??